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The diagram below shows the same type of molecule in area A and area B. With the passage of time, some molecules move from area A to area B. This movement is the result of the process of
a) phagocytosis b) pinocytosis c) diffusion d) cyclosis
Which substances are secreted at the endings of nerve cells?
a) antibodies b) antigens c) neurotransmitters d) lipids
Sodium ions are pumped from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration in the nerve cells of humans. This process is an example of
a) diffusion b) passive transport c) osmosis d) active transport
Which structure is usually present only in animal cells?
a) vacuole b) cell wall c) nucleus d) centriole
Normally, in the process of osmosis, the net flow of water molecules into or out of the cell depends upon differences in the
a) concentration of water molecules inside and outside the cell b) concentration of enzymes on either side of the cell membrane c) rate of molecular motion on either side of the cell membrane d) rate of movement of insoluble molecules inside the cell
Most cell membranes are composed principally of
a) DNA and ATP b) proteins and lipids c) chitin and starch d) nucleotides and amino acides
Which are the four most abundant elements in living cells?
a) carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur b) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen c) carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus d) carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, magnesium
Which pair of compounds can be classified as inorganic?
a) nucleic acids and minerals b) proteins and water c) water and salts d) nucleic acids and proteins
Which structure includes all of the others?
a) nucleolus b) nucleus c) chromosomes d) genes
Which formula represents an organic compound?
a) Mg(OH)2 b) NaCl c) C12H22O11 d) NH3
Which is an organic compound found in most cells?
a) glucose b) water c) sodium chloride d) oxygen gas
A student observed a Paramecium under the low power objective of a microscope (100x) and then under high power (400x). The image of the Paramecium under low power, compared to the image of the same Paramecium under high power, would be
a) smaller and in a darker field of view b) smaller and in a brighter field of view c) larger and in a darker field of view d) larger and in a brighter field of view
A human liver cell is very different in structure and function from a nerve cell in the same person. This is best explained by the fact that
a) different genes function in each type of cell b) liver cells can reproduce while the nerve cells cannot c) liver cells contain fewer chromosomes than nerve cells d) different DNA is present in each type of cell
Much of the carbon dioxide produced by green plants is not excreted as a metabolic waste because it
a) can be used for photosynthesis b) is too large to pass through cell membranes c) is needed for cellular respiration d) can be used for the synthesis of proteins
Which part of a molecule provides energy for life processes?
a) carbon atoms b) oxygen atoms c) chemical bonds d) inorganic nitrogen
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