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The material through which a wave moves is called the
a) wave b) medium c) vibration d) energy
A wave carries
a) motion b) matter c) water d) energy
The bending of a wave due to a change in its speed is
a) interference b) distraction c) diffraction d) refraction
Seismic waves that do NOT travel through liquid are
a) slow b) P waves c) S waves d) surface waves
The type of wave that moves parallel to the direction the wave is traveling is called a
a) transverse wave b) longitudinal wave c) electromagnetic wave d) ocean wave
The interaction of 2 waves that meet is called
a) interference b) diffraction c) reflection d) amplitude
Waves are classified according to
a) their amplitude b) their shape c) how they move d) their speed
The highest and lowest points on a standing waves are called
a) crests b) troughs c) nodes d) antinodes
The highest part of a transverse wave is the
a) crest b) trough c) mantle d) wavelength
What affects the speed of sound traveling through air?
a) how loud the sound is b) the amplitude of the waves c) the air temperature d) how diffracted the waves are
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