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Observing the __________ of something can help you tell if it is living or nonliving.
a) organisms b) kingdoms c) properties d) cells
_________ are protists that make their own food and usually live in water
a) Algae b) Protozoans c) Fungi d) Parasites
Unlike non living things, all living things
a) can grow b) have properties c) are big d) have cells
Biology is the study of __________ things
a) living b) nonliving c) living and nonliving d) growing
Mold and mushrooms belong to the _____________ kingdom
a) monera b) fungi c) protist d) plant
Nonliving things do not have
a) cells b) properties c) color d) hardness
Most animals need to _____________ to get food.
a) use sunlight b) move c) reproduce d) breathe
Plants can make their own ___________
a) food b) minerals c) flagella d) water
A new kingdom was discovered when _________ were seen under a microscope
a) plants b) micro-organisms c) fungi d) animals
Bacteria are organisms in the ___________ kingdom
a) animals b) fungi c) protist d) monera
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