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A mineral containing a useful substance is called a(n)
a) gem b) ore c) igneneous rock d) diamond
Bends or S-shapes along rivers are called
a) Lakes b) tributaries c) Meanders d) rivers
Peices of material carried by moving water are called
a) Sediment b) fossils c) magma d) rock cycle
A rock from space that strikes a surface is a(n)
a) Metamorphic rock b) crystal c) gem d) Meteroite
An igneous rock is
a) A rock formed when melted rock material cools and hardens b) A rock formed when bits of matter form together c) A rock formed when other living things put an imprint in it d) A rock formed when heat and pressure is applied
Magma comes from
a) weathering b) Rivers and streams c) Hot molten rock deep below the Earth's surface d) pieces of material flowing carried away by moving water
The many layers of gases that surround the earth is its
a) Crust b) Lithosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Atmoshphere
Sedimentary rock is formed when
a) Hot molten rock cools and hardens b) Bits of matter join together c) Heat and pressure is applied d) there is a thick layer of decayed plant matter below the soil
A mineral that is valued for being rare and beautiful is a(n)
a) Quartz b) diamond c) gem d) limestone
The hard outer layer of earth is its
a) Atmosphere b) Lithosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Crust
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