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3 kinds of radiationfrom the sun
a) visible light, ultraviolet, infrared b) convection, conduction, radiation c) green house effect, absorption, reflection d) visible light, radiation, convection
greenhouse gases
a) oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide b) methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide c) methane, water vapor, oxygen d) water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone
Gases that ABSORB solar radiation
a) methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor b) nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen c) oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide d) methane, oxygen, hydrogen
percent of radiation that are ABSORBED by particles in the atmosphere
a) 50% b) 5% c) 25% d) 20%
energy transfer due to warm air rising
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d) reflection
In the atmosphere, this REFLECTS incoming radiation
a) clouds b) gases c) ice d) water
on Earth, this mainly REFLECTS solar radiation
a) gases b) rocks c) sand d) ice
percent of radiation that is REFLECTED by ice and water
a) 50% b) 20% c) 5% d) 25%
most energy that reaches Earth
a) visible light b) infrared c) ultraviolet d) radiation
energy transferred by objects that are touching
a) convection b) conduction c) radiation d) reflecting
percent of radiation ABSORBED by Earth
a) 5% b) 100% c) 50% d) 25%
has long wave lengths and heat
a) ultraviolet b) conduction c) convection d) infrared
percent of radiation that is REFLECTED by clouds in the atmosphere
a) 25% b) 20% c) 5% d) 50%
energy transferred by electomagnetic waves
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d) absorbtion
short wave lengths, breaks chemical bonds, burns skin, skin cancer
a) infrared b) visible light c) convection d) ultraviolet
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