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This is my book. This book is ____.
a) my b) mine c) moja d) me
It's her jacket. The jacket is _____.
a) her b) here c) hers d) his
They have a cat. It's _____ cat.
a) their b) theirs c) them d) they
It's your hat. This hat is _____.
a) you b) your c) you're d) yours
He has a car. It is ____ car.
a) her b) his c) hiss d) hers
This cat is mine. This is ____ cat.
a) mine b) me c) my d) I
This is our ball. This ball is _____.
a) ours b) our c) we d) their
That is your phone. That phone is ______.
a) you b) your c) me d) yours
These pens are theirs. These are _____ pens.
a) theirs b) they c) twins d) their
This ball is hers. This is ____ ball.
a) her b) him c) hers d) his
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