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a) hello b) goodbye c) how are you? d) good morning
¿Qué tal?
a) How's it going? b) What's your name? c) How are you all? d) What's up?
¿Cómo estás?
a) How are you? b) What's up? c) What's your name? d) How are you all?
buenos días
a) good morning b) good afternoon c) good evening d) good night
buenas tardes
a) good afternoon b) good morning c) good night d) good day
buenas noches
a) good night b) good morning c) good afternoon d) good day
muy bien
a) very well b) very bad c) great d) fine
muy mal
a) very bad b) very good c) fine d) great
por favor
a) please b) thank you c) you're welcome d) excuse me
a) thank you b) please c) you're welcome d) excuse me
de nada
a) you're welcome b) thank you c) please d) excuse me
a) goodbye b) hello c) thanks d) please
hasta luego
a) see you later b) goodbye c) see you tomorrow d) good morning
hasta mañana
a) see you tomorrow b) see you later c) goodbye d) good morning
¿Cómo te llamas?
a) What is your name? b) Where are you from? c) How are you? d) Who is your teacher?
mucho gusto
a) nice to meet you b) the pleasure is mine c) thank you d) my name is
el gusto es mío
a) the pleasure is mine b) nice to meet you c) pleasure to meet you d) good afternoon
a) likewise b) thank you c) pleasure d) nice to meet you
a) pleased to meet you b) the pleasure is mine c) great d) thanks
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