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The first tree The Russian Orchard started
a) peach tree b) apple tree c) pear tree d) quince tree
Who was the founder of Fort- Ross?
a) Ivan Kuskov b) Nickolay Rezanov c) Aleksandr Baranov d) Aleksandr Rotchev
The settlement Fort- Ross was founded in
a) 1812 b) 1810 c) 1809 d) 1811
The name of the fort derived from
a) Russian word Rossia b) Scottish word Ross c) d)
What was the main occupation of the Russian - American company?
a) agriculture b) manufacturing c) shipbuilding d) hunting sea otters
Fort Ross was the site of California's first
a) hunting b) windmills and shipbuilding c) agriculture and manufacturing d)
The native populations of the Sonoma and Napa County regions were affected by smallpox, measles and other European diseases, one instance that can be traced to the settlement of Fort Ross. What did the Russians do ? ?
a) tried to avoid ill people b) tried to cure ill people organizing hospitals c) organized the vaccination d)
What is Fort- Ross nowadays?
a) Ruins b) Historic park of National Importance c) Russian Orchard d)
What happened in 1841 to fort - Ross?
a) It was destroyed by fire b) It suffered from an earthquake c) It was sold d)
Why is the year 2012 important for Fort- Ross?
a) It commemorates 200 years of Fort- Ross history b) There were a lot of buildings reconstructed that year c) d)
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