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All of the following are reasons incumbents are likely to be re-elected except
a) name recognition b) easy to raise money c) districts are drawn in their favor d) nobody runs against them
Which clause gives Congress power beyond the Constitution?
a) Article VII b) necessary and proper clause c) enumerated clause d) expressed clause
Enumerated or expressed powers of Congress are
a) written in the Constitution b) created through time c) flexible d) not written down
The people Congress respresents are called
a) congressional people b) Constituents c) census d) a cacucus
All of the following are true about committees except
a) most of the work is done in committees b) the majority party elects the chairperson c) minority party does not get to be on committees d) committees are meant to divide up the workload
The people with the most power in Congress come from
a) the minority party b) presidential approval c) the majority party d) the bureaucracy
The Legislative Branch
a) enforces the law b) reviews the law c) interprets the law d) makes the law
How are seats in the US House of Representatives determined?
a) 2 per state b) by the population of the state c) 8 per state d) the individual state constitution determines the number
Treaties signed by the President are approved by
a) they do not need approval b) the Senate c) the Supreme Court d) the House
The United States Government gets most of their revenue from
a) business tax b) excise tax c) income tax d) gas tax
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