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Blue green algae called ____ use sunlight to make their own food. They also add oxygen to the eath's atmosphere
a) cyanobacteria b) ferns c) mold d) particles
Earth's atmosphere was formed by gases escaping from vents and _________.
a) meteors b) earthquakes c) volcanoes d) the sun
Earth's earliest life forms appeared in the __________.
a) air b) oceans c) land d) volcanoes
The layer of the atmosphere where people can live and breathe is the _____________.
a) mesosphere b) biosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
Explosions from beneath the earth's surface are __________
a) extremeophiles b) continental drift c) volcanic eruptions d) vents
When two plates collide and push upward, they create a _________.
a) earthquake b) continent c) river d) mountain
Most of the water in the hydrosphere can be found in the Earth's ______.
a) oceans b) air c) ice d) rivers
The solid surface and interior of the earth is the ______________
a) atmosphere b) lithosphere c) hydrosphere d) ozone layer
The process of water moving from the air to Earth's surface and back into the air is the____________.
a) ammonium cycle b) nitrogen cycle c) gas cycle d) water cycle
The process of water vapor changing from vapor to liquid is called ____________________.
a) evaporation b) condensation c) hydrosphere d) water cycle
Something that provides scientists with clues to the earth's past climate
a) precipitation b) weather c) proxy data d) atmosphere
Water that falls to the earth in the form of rain, hail, or snow
a) atmosphere b) weather c) precipitation d) lithosphere
Warm climates usually have more ____ than cold climates
a) wind b) hail c) clouds d) humidity
The ____ of a place is its long-term average of weather conditions
a) atmosphere b) jet stream c) prevailing winds d) climate
Halfway between the North and South Poles is an imaginary line called the ____________.
a) prime meridian b) axis c) equator d) coriolis effect
A large sheet of ice is called a ____________
a) ice age b) fossil c) glacier d) Pangea
A period of extrem cold is called an_______________.
a) fossil b) glacier c) Pangea d) ice age
A rock that contains a preserved imprint or remains of a plant or animal is called a ___________.
a) fossil b) glacier c) ice age d) Pangea
Earth's continents were once part of a single landmass called _______.
a) Gaia b) Glacier c) Pangea d) Earth
The young earth could not support life because__________________
a) atmosphere was toxic b) volcanic eruptions c) meteorites and comets hitting the earth d) all of the above
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