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Thrifty; Economical in money matters
a) Frugal b) Culinary c) Circumvent d) Jocose
Present, but not active; hidden
a) Acquit b) Strident c) Latent d) Verbose
Joking; Humorous
a) Audacity b) Jocose c) Befuddle d) Barrister
Indecent; Humorously obscene
a) Juggernaut b) Adulation c) Irascible d) Bawdy
Excessive praise or admiration
a) Inert b) Duplicity c) Novice d) Adulation
To express strong disapproval of
a) Deprecate b) Temerity c) Laudible d) Marital
a) Expedient b) Clandestine c) Abate d) Chutzpah
Unable to act or move; Inactive; Sluggish
a) Omniscient b) Chastise c) Inert d) Noxious
To get around; To bypass
a) Circumvent b) Adulation c) Cajole d) Divulge
To find not guilty of a fault or crime
a) Inexorable b) Parsimonious c) Explicit d) Acquit
Lawyer (British)
a) Deprecate b) Barrister c) One Direction d) Gadfly
Having to do with the kitchen or cooking
a) Dilitante b) Bawdy c) Connoisseur d) Culinary
To punish severly
a) Pernicious b) Chastise c) Fickle d) Myraid
1. Very large number 2. Too numerous to be counted
a) Myriad b) Jocose c) Humility d) Candid
Destructive; Deadly
a) Agrarian b) Latent c) Sanction d) Pernicious
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