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What can salespeople do to maintain good relationships with existing customers?
a) Ask for new referrals b) use customers in advertisements c) Live up to their promises d) Send customers expensive gifts
What does a salesperson need to do to be successful in selling?
a) Always attempt to sell related merchandise b) Ask management to limit the number of brands c) Describe the disadvantages of competing brands d) Learn the features unique to the brands s/he sells
Which is a pre-sale opportunity for salespeople to provide customer service?
a) Providing ample product information b) Shipping and delivery c) Maintenance and repair d) Technical assistance and support
What is an effective follow-up activity that salespeople can use to provide good service and develop strong relationships with customers?
a) Asking for referrals b) Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory c) Explaining the company's business plan d) Sending articles about local competitors
Joe is a salesperson who will sometimes forgo a sale in order to satisfy a customer's needs. Carol always attempts to close a sale at all costs. Who is likely to be the more successful salesperson?
a) Joe because he is a nice person b) Carol because Joe is too timid to close a sale c) Joe because he will get more repeat business d) Carol because she will make more sales
George sold Sandy a new living room set. What should George do as an efefctive follow-up to provide good service and develop a strong relationship with her?
a) Asking for referrals b) Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory c) Explaining the company's business plan d) Sending articles about local competitors
Through sales, products are transferred to consumers who can then use them. This is an example of what role of selling?
a) Increasing product variety b) Promoting competition c) Affecting employment d) Adding utility
Using selling to satisfy customers' needs or desires should ensure that the salesperson and the business will both benefit over time from
a) quick profits b) increased returns c) added utility d) repeat business
What is an internal factor that affects the selling policies of a business?
a) Customer requests b) Actions of competitors c) Financial resources d) Government legislation
Why would a business develop policies to limit the amount of money that salespeople could spend taking customers to lunch or dinner?
a) To improve advertising b) To expand entertainment c) To increase salaries d) To control expenses
What should a salesperson do when dealing with a customer who wants to return an unsatisfactory item?
a) Exchange the item b) Refer the customer to the manufacturer c) Consult the buyer d) Follow the business's selling policies
Which of the following is an internal factor that might have an effect on a business's selling policies:
a) Customer wants b) Materials shortage c) Social issues d) Research efforts
Which of the following is an appropriate characteristic for a firm's selling policies:
a) Open to interpretation b) Based on the salesperson's status c) Enforced with reasonable firmness d) Not subject to change
What antitrust regulatory act would prevent a business from randomly offering discounts to whomever it chose?
a) Federal Trade Commission Act b) Discount Customer Act c) Clayton Act d) Robinson-Patman Act
How does the use of grades and standards affect the buying and selling process?
a) It enables customers to buy without having to inspect each product b) It provides product information on unsafe products c) It enables businesses to set high prices d) It enables salespeople to suggest products without having to determine customer needs.
Why do many professional organizations develop standards for their members to follow?
a) To promote group activities b) To create influence c) To establish control d) To promote product safety
Which is an example of an implied warranty?
a) A customer buys a toaster and assumes it will toast bread b) A jacket's hang tag states that the fabric is pure wool. c) A television's label promises a full refund if the set doesn't work d) A salesperson tells a customer . . . .this is the best quality you can buy
A customer buys a CD player and receives a printed warranty card stating the action the company will take if the CD player does not work properly. This is an example of a(n) __________________warranty.
a) Express b) Full c) Limited d) Implied
When products are graded by nongovernmental agencies, the grading is
a) voluntary b) mandatory c) periodic d) occasional
Any business that transports goods across state lines must comply with standards set by
a) individual businesses b) government agencies c) trade associations d) professional organizations
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