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Which group supported slavery in the Georgia Colony
a) Highland Scotts b) Salzburgers c) Jewish Settlers d) English Settlers
What was NOT allowed in Georgia's Charter of 1732?
a) All are correct b) slaves c) liquor dealers d) lawyers
What was the biggest battle of the War of Jenkins' Ear?
a) The Battle of Kettle Creek b) The Battle of Bloody Marsh c) The Battle of Shiloh d) The Battle of York
Who did Oglethorpe and the Georgians fight in the War of Jenkins' Ear?
a) The Spanish b) The French c) The Native Americans d) The Italians
What is the name of the man who created the idea of Georgia? He was one of the 21 trustees.
a) James Wright b) James Ogletorpe c) Robert Castell d) King George II
These English settlers were unhappy with the conditions the trustees had over the colony of Georgia. Who were they?
a) Malcontents b) Salzburgers c) Highland Scotts d) Jewish Settlers
Who was the translator who interpreted for Oglethorpe
a) Sequoyah b) Mary Musgove c) Tomochichi d) Alexander McGillivary
What was the name of the Yamacraw chief who allowed Oglethorpe to settle on Yamacraw Bluff (Savannah)?
a) Sequoyah b) Mary Musgrove c) Tomochichi d) Alexander McGillivray
Why was the colony of Georgia established?
a) To find a place to put English prisioners b) To create a colony for the rich c) To create a buffer between the English in South Carolina and the Spanish in Florida d) To creat a colony for Catholics
Georgia was the ____________ colony
a) 10th b) 11th c) 12th d) 13th
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