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By which method does thermal energy circulate through water and air?
a) conduction b) convection c) advection d) radiation
Energy transferred as electromagnetic waves is called
a) thermal conduction b) radiation c) convection d) convection current
Which of the following substances contributes to the greenhouse effect
a) smoke b) smog c) carbon dioxide d) all of the above
Which of the following are the most important stages of the water cycle?
a) evaporation, condensation, precipitation b) evaporation, conduction, respration c) evaporation, transportation, respiration d) evaporation, condensation, vaporization
What happens during condensation?
a) Water is warmed by the sun and turns into a solid. b) Water rises in the atmosphere and cools, turning from liquid to liquid. c) Water rises in the atmosphere and cools, turning from gas to liquid. d) both a and b
When the sun's heat causes water to change from a liquid to gas, the water _______.
a) condenses b) freezes c) melts d) evaporates
Precipitation occurs when clouds are___________ with water.
a) precipitated b) condensed c) evaporated d) saturated
The length of a day is based on the amount of time that
a) Earth takes to orbit the sun two times b) Earth takes to rotate once on its axis c) the moon takes to orbit Earth one time d) the moon takes to rotate once on its axis
What happens in one year?
a) the moon completes one orbit around the Earth b) the sun travels once around the Earth c) the Earth rotates once on its axis d) the Earth completes one revolution around the sun
Why does the moon look different every night?
a) because of the sun's gravitational pull b) because of the seasons c) because of its position in relation to the sun d) because of time of day
How does the moon affect the earth?
a) it creates volcanoes b) it causes earthquakes c) it changes the seasons d) it causes tides
Seasons on Earth are due to
a) Earth's revolution around the sun and its tilt on it's axis b) Earth's rotation around itself c) distance between Earth and moon d) Distance between Earth and sun
Which of the following occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are directly in line with each other?
a) meteor showers b) eclipse c) a change in season d) comets
How does a tornado start to form?
a) funnel shaped cloud b) when a full moon happens c) from tides d) from earthquakes
What contributes to the high frequency of tornadoes in tornado alley?
a) mountains b) rivers c) flat land d) people
Why does the earth stay in orbit around the sun?
a) the moon's orbit b) the tilt of the Earth c) the sun's gravitational pull d) the alignment of the planets
What could be a hazard associated with building a house along the San Andreas fault?
a) flooding b) earthquakes c) forest fires d) hurricanes
The state of the atmosphere at a given time is called___________________.
a) weather b) fronts c) storms d) wind
Which of the following influences a location's climate?
a) large bodies of water b) mountain ranges c) altitude d) all of the above
What is NOT an agent of chemical weathering
a) oxygen b) rain water c) cloud d) acid rain
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