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Antiparallel means that strands of DNA are
a) identical on both sides b) run in opposite directions c) d)
The 3' end of a piece of DNA is found by a
a) sugar b) phosphate c) d)
The 5' end of a piece of DNA is found by a
a) phosphate b) sugar c) d)
DNA is only found where?
a) the nucleus b) outside of the nucelus c) d)
What type of bond holds the nitrogenous bases together?
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) carbon d) hydrogen
The nitrogenous bases attach to
a) sugars b) phosphate c) d)
What are the 4 types of nucleotides found in DNA?
a) A, T, C, G b) A, U, R , Q c) d)
Which nitrogenous bases form a stronger bond?
a) A and T with 2 hydrogen bonds b) G and C with 3 hydrogen bonds c) A and T with 3 hydrogen bonds d)
The shape of DNA is a
a) double helix b) triple helix c) d)
RNA can be found
a) only in the nucleus b) outside of the nucleus c) d)
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