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What was a document that put limitations on the King's power in England?
a) The Mayflower Compact b) The House of Burgesses c) The Magna Carta d) The Requiem
What a list of freedoms that the government promises to protect?
a) A Constitution b) A Bill of Rights c) A Survey d) A Compact
Which of the following was an example of a legislature in North America?
a) The House of Burgesses b) The Parliament c) The Duma d) The Enlightenment
Who was a journalist that was arrested for writing an article criticizing the government?
a) Jonathan Edwards b) Ben Franklin c) Frederick Douglass d) John Peter Zenger
What was a series of laws that made sure that England would benefit from trade with the colonies?
a) The Magna Carta b) The Navigation Acts c) The Triangular Trade d) Libel
What is a family that includes parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins?
a) Blended Family b) Long-distance Family c) Extended Family d) Short Family
Where did most colonists live?
a) In cities b) On Planatations c) On Farms d) On Mountains
Who controlled the money and property in a colonial family?
a) The Women b) The Men c) The Children d) The Government
What is someone who works for someone in a trade for a certain amount of time?
a) Apprentice b) Gentry c) Mentor d) Indentured Servant
Who signed a contract to work for a family for a certain period of time in exchange for their passage to America?
a) Slaves b) Indentured Servants c) Apprentices d) Gentry
About how many enslaved Africans were brought to the Americas?
a) 1 Million b) 10 Thousand c) 10 Million d) 100 Thousand
What was the name of the trip of slaves from Africa to the Americas?
a) Triangular Trade b) Trail of Tears c) The Great Migration d) The Middle Passage
Which of the following was the first colony to import slaves?
a) Plymouth b) Pennsylvania c) Jamestown d) Georgia
What is the belief that one race is superior to another?
a) Prejudice b) Racism c) Discrimination d) Rudeness
What were a series of laws that restricted the rights and activities of a slave?
a) Codes of Conduct b) Racism c) Slave Codes d) Bill of Rights
What was an example of African culture that continued through slavery?
a) Gullah b) The Banjo c) All of them d) Quilts
What is a school paid for with taxes?
a) Private School b) Dame School c) Public School d) Charter School
Who was a popular writer, business man, scientist and inventor of the English colonies?
a) John Locke b) John Edwards c) John Smith d) Ben Franklin
What is a belief that problems can be solved by human reason?
a) The Scientific Revolution b) The Enlightenment c) The Reformation d) The Great Awakening
Who was an elightened thinker who challenged the idea that rulers get their authority to rule from God?
a) John Locke b) John Edwards c) Baron de Montesquieu d) Ben Franklin
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