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Why is checks and balances important?
a) It prevents an abuse of power b) It allows people to have a say in government c) It ensures justice and equality d)
The operation of checks and balances is an example of the principle of -
a) democracy b) rule of law c) limited government d)
Congress ha passed a law forbidding freedom of religion for anyone other than Protestants. What can the President do to check Congress?
a) Veto the law b) Declare the law unconstitutional c) d)
A Supreme Court Justice, appointed for life, accepts a bribe to influence his decision on a case. What can Congress do to this member of the Supreme Court?
a) Declare the act unconstitutional b) Impeach and remove the justice c) d)
The President vetoes a law setting up a program for protection of natural resources. Congress thinks it should still be passed. What can Congress do to check the President?
a) Override the veto b) Reject the appointment c) d)
In order to avoid discussing one of the President's favorite proposals, Congress adjourns early and goes home. What can the President do to check the Congress?
a) Call a special session b) Veto the bill c) d)
Two Justices on the Supreme Court who are considered by the President to be too liberal have retired, and new members of the Court need to be selected. What can the President do to make the court more conservative?
a) Appoint a justice b) Impeach and remove the justice c) d)
The President is accused of accepting large contributions of stick from companies which have recently been awarded huge government contracts. What does Congress do to check the President?
a) Impeach and remove the President b) Declare the act unconstitutional c) d)
Congress passes laws denying certain tax exemptions to minorities, which others are entitled to receive; the President signs the law. What can the Courts do to stop the law?
a) Declare the law unconstitutional b) Veto the law c) d)
The Senate refuse to confirm the peace treaty. This is an example of -
a) The judicial branch checking the executive branch b) The executive branch checking the legislative branch c) The legislative branch checking the executive branch d)
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