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What is the pH of pure water
a) 0 b) 7 c) 15 d) 14
What is the range of the pH scale
a) 0-15 b) 0-10 c) 0-14 d) 5-8
Select the following Base
a) Lemonade b) Shampoo c) Vinegar d) SPRITE
Which is more acidic?
a) 0 b) 14 c) 7 d) 9
Select the following Acid
a) Lemonade b) shampoo c) milk of magnesia d) dish detergent
Is Baking Soda a base
a) True b) False c) d)
A neutral solution of pH
a) 4 b) 7 c) 14 d) 8
True or False : Temperature determines wether or not an item is a Base or Acid
a) False b) True c) d)
If a solution is Slippery we can assume that it is _______ And has a pH balance of ____ or higher
a) Basic, 8 b) Acidic, 7 c) Basic, 14 d) Acidic, 6
a) APPLE b) POTATOE c) d)
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