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Computer program that creates organized collection of info with data items related.
a) database program b) software c) C2B d) hardware
examples include keyboards.
a) hardware b) robotics c) B2C d) presentation program
E-commerce model in which consumers originate online transactions through price offers to buisnesses.
a) C2B b) word processing program c) software d) hardware
involvs mechanical devices programmed to do routine work task.
a) robotics b) presentation program c) B2B d) Database program
Examples include work processing and spreadsheet programs.
a) software b) hardware c) B2C d) B2B
E-commerce model used when a company buys part online from its suppliers
a) B2B b) C2B c) B2C d) C2C
Computer program that allows the user to enter, store, revise, and print text from letters, memos, reports, or standard business forms.
a) word processing program b) hardware c) presentation program d) B2B
The most familiar e-commerce model, in which a company sells products online to customers
a) B2B b) C2B c) B2C d) C2C
What game did the guy in the TED video teach a computer to play?
a) checkers b) chess c) backgammon d) poker
With computers learning how to think, this will cause jobs to go....
a) up b) down c) remain the same d) rise drastically
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