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In which situation would an ecosystem have the greatest number of limiting factors?
a) After clearing land for a highway. b) After a river floods a cornfield. c) After a forest fire destroys the plant growth. d) After a lava flow creates a new section of land.
A student wants to conduct an investigation to find out how sunlight affects individual leaves on a tomato plant. Which instrument will be most necessary for her to carry out this investigation?
a) microscope b) hand lens c) ruler d) balance
A hurricane hits a coastal prairie and destroys the habitat. Years later there is an appearance of small plants with rapidly spreading roots. This vegetation describes--
a) a microhabitat. b) primary succession. c) secondary succession. d) biodiversity.
Complete this statement. The more diverse an ecosystem is--
a) the more threatened its populations are. b) the more similar the species will be. c) the more stable it is. d) the fewer varieties of species are present.
Which of the following sequences most likely represents ecological succession on a recently abandoned wheat field?
a) grasses, flowering plants, shrubs, native trees b) native trees, shrubs, flowering plants, grasses c) shrubs, grasses, native trees, flowering trees d) flowering plants, native trees, shrubs, grasses
A pioneer species is most likely able to --
a) survive any predator. b) migrate during the winter. c) live at high altitudes. d) carry out photosynthesis.
Which of the following situations contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
a) increase in biodiversity b) decrease in biodiversity c) extinction of a population from the ecosystem d) removal of many populations of organisms
What is the relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium in an ecosystem?
a) Ecological succession helps maintain equilibrium in an ecosystem. b) Ecological succession prevents ecosystems from ever reaching equilibrium. c) There is no relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium. d) Ecological succession and equilibrium are the same thing.
During 2013, the state of California experienced many forest fires. In some areas fires burned the forest completely down to ground level. Which of the following is most likely to appear as the first stage of primary succession?
a) Soil b) Weeds c) Trees d) Woody Shrubs
A golf course is an area that man's actions prohibits nature from maintaining balance. If it were abandoned for many years what would you observe?
a) No change since it had been maintained for a long period of time. b) Wind and rain would wash the top soil away and the area would progress through a natural succession. c) The progression would include small bushes, soft wood trees and then hard wood trees. d) Hard wood trees would grow, and would be followed by soft wood trees which will help with soil erosion.
The growth of which of the following usually occurs first in primary succession on a bare rock?
a) Lichens b) Grasses c) Trees d) Shrubs
How are the farmers' fields similar to how biodiversity allows an ecosystem to be stable?
a) The more biodiverse an ecosystem is the less stable the ecosystem is. b) The less biodiverse an ecosystem is the more stable the ecosystem is. c) Biodiversity and stability are not related. d) The more biodiverse an ecosystem is the more stable the ecosystem is.
Two fields are planted. The first field had two high yield crops. The second field has 16 different crops. In the beginning field 1 was out producing field 2. Then a virus killed all of crop 2 plants. Which field will be more sustainable?
a) Field 1 will be more sustainable. b) Field 2 will be more sustainable. c) Both fields will be equally sustainable. d) Neither field will be sustainable.
What biome would provide for a more diverse population of plants and animals; forest or desert.
a) A desert biome would provide more resources such as shelter, food and water. b) Both biomes would provide the same amount of resources. c) A forest biome would provide more resources such as shelter, food, and water. d) Neither biome has an advantage over the other.
A flower bed is left unattended at a school over the summer. Which of the following could the students expect to find when they come back to school?
a) nothing b) weeds c) shrubs d) tree
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