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A device used to save files on so they can be used on another computer
a) disk b) file c) desktop d) folder
The starting screen of the computer
a) hard drive b) window c) desktop d) cursor
Gives you options or choices of what to do
a) menu b) cursor c) server d) taskbar
A place to sore your computer work or files
a) interface b) file c) folder d) icons
Pictures or graphics that represent files, programs, or folders
a) folder b) file c) cursor d) icons
The main program that runs the computer. A popular one is Windows
a) Operating system b) disk drive c) server d) menu
programs that allow you to do things on a computer like play games, word processing, view files on the Internet
a) recycle bin b) taskbar c) software d) interface
where you put files that you want to delete.
a) recycle bin b) window c) menu d) operating system
This opens when you click on an icon. It is a rectangular visual area showing the program being used or what is in a folder
a) folder b) window c) desktop d) interface
disks inside your computer where all the data is store
a) hard drive b) desktop c) cursor d) disk
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