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Before or happening before
a) Prior b) News c) Timely d) Precaution
Something you do ahead of time to make sure things go well.
a) Precaution b) Timely c) News d) Prior
Information about current events.
a) News b) Prior c) Time Frame d) Tedious
Early or in good time.
a) Timely b) Time Frame c) Indefinite d) Tedious
To have enough money to buy.
a) Afford b) Produce c) Expert d) Loan
An unknown amount of time.
a) Indefinite b) Tedious c) Time Frame d) Prior
The amount of time needed to do something.
a) Time Frame b) Indefinite c) Timely d) Schedule
A plan of upcoming events, or to plan for a certain time.
a) Schedule b) Completion c) Time Frame d) News
The end or the finish.
a) Completion b) Time Frame c) Timely d) Final
The last thing.
a) Final b) Completion c) Timely d) Indefinite
Money borrowed that must be paid back.
a) Loan b) Market c) Fad d) Wealthy
a) Wealthy b) Goal c) Inventor d) Expert
Something you promise you will get done.
a) Goal b) Inventor c) Product d) Timely
A fashion that won't last long.
a) Fad b) Afford c) Jobless d) Goal
Having good results.
a) Productive b) Product c) Merchant d) Jobless
Something that is made.
a) Product b) Produce c) Production d) Merchant
Having to do with business OR an advertisement
a) Commercial b) Merchandise c) Experience d) Commerce
A new thing to try
a) Experience b) Product c) Jobless d) Fad
a) Commerce b) Productive c) Experiment d) Merchandise
The PROCESS of making something.
a) Production b) Produce c) Product d) Reader's Theatre
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