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The Anglo-Saxon period began around 449 and ended in
a) 1066 b) 1203 c) 1113 d) 1305
Which of the following did not live in England during the Anglo-Saxon period?
a) Spaniards b) Celts c) Romans d) Vikings
Who were the original speakers of Old English?
a) the Anglo-Saxons b) the vikings c) the Romans d) the Christians
The monk who spread Christianity throughout England was
a) Augustine b) Constantine c) Francis d) Dominic
Which of the following is not a characteristic of epic poetry?
a) long length b) narrative style c) supernatural happenings d) ordinary events and people
Which of the following was king of the Danes?
a) Hrothgar b) Beowulf c) Wiglaf d) Herot
The Geats were
a) Beowulf's people b) being attacked nightly by Grendel c) the original inhabitants of England d) not a real group of people
The king in Beowulf had built a great mead hall which he called
a) Herot b) Hrunting c) Hrothgar d) HIglac
What did Grendel do to the Danes?
a) attacked them nightly b) destroyed their crops c) saved them from Beowulf d) brought them treasure to keep the peace
What does Beowulf take into battle against Grendel?
a) his bare hands b) only a spear c) the armor given to him by his king d) his faith
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