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Large area of water totally surrounded by land
a) lake b) bay c) island d) delta
Land that is totally surrounded by water
a) peninsula b) hill c) island d) mountain
The land next to a sea or ocean
a) hill b) volcano c) bay d) coast
An area of higher land that is much smaller than a mountain
a) canyon b) delta c) hill d) sea
A mountain with a hole at the top that may erupt with fire and burning rock
a) earthquake b) hill c) canyon d) volcano
What do we call HALF of the earth?
a) ball b) hemisphere c) globe d) plain
Large area of water that is smaller than an ocean
a) sea b) canyon c) plain d) hill
Large area of flat land; good for agriculture
a) mountain b) peninsula c) delta d) plain
Piece of land with water on 3 sides
a) bay b) peninsula c) canyon d) delta
Large area of hot dry land
a) rain forest b) mountain c) bay d) desert
The pattern of weather over a long period of time
a) climate b) delta c) canyon d) bay
Triangle area at the mouth of a river, where it flows into a larger body of water.
a) bay b) plateau c) canyon d) delta
A deep valley with steep sides
a) canyon b) delta c) plateau d) bay
Part of an ocean enclosed by a curve in the land.
a) canyon b) bay c) delta d) plateau
A very high steep landform; much larger than a hill
a) bay b) island c) delta d) mountain
A large area of ocean that has land on 3 sides of it
a) gulf b) canyon c) hill d) island
Area of LOW land that is between 2 higher areas
a) hill b) mountain c) valley d) peninsula
How many continents are on Earth?
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8
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