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Name a misconception of Autism and why it is a misconception.
a) b) c) Autism can be cured. d)
What is the cause of Autism?
a) There is no known cause of Autism b) c) d)
Name the three types of hearing loss
a) conductive, sensorineural, and mixed b) c) d)
Name two strategies for communicating with someone with hearing loss.
a) face the person while talking, speak clearly at a moderate speed b) c) d)
What are 2 Myths from the presentation?
a) All gifted students are nerdy. b) c) d)
What is the difference from a Bright student and a Gifted student
a) Gifted students would prefer adult interactions. Bright students prefer peer interaction. b) c) d)
Identify three accommodations for printed materials for students with low vision and/or blindness.
a) enlarged print documents and exams, laptop screen readers, audio textbooks b) c) d)
Describe two important teaching considerations regarding students with low vision and/or blindness
a) Students with visual impairments can have the same range of cognitive ability as other students. Provide manipulatives and h b) c) d)
What are the three low incidence disabilities?
a) Blind-deafness, TBI, and Multiple-severe disabilities b) c) d)
What is an example of an accommodation for deaf-blindness
a) Answer could be any of the following: enlarged print, cochlear implant, hearing aids, ALD, interpreter, notetakers, braille, b) c) d)
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