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Variable that you can change or control in an experiment.
a) Independent variable b) Dependent variable c) d)
Ryan predicts is will snow tomorrow because there are dark, fluffy clouds in the sky. This is a(n)
a) Hypothesis b) Observation c) Experiment d) Conclusion
Contains all living things on Earth.
a) Biosphere b) Hydrosphere c) Atmosphere d) Geosphere
Line that cuts the Earth into a north and south half.
a) Equator b) Prime Meridian c) d)
Contour lines that are very far apart indictate a
a) very gentle, almost flat slope b) very steep slope c) d)
Topographic maps represent
a) elevation. b) distance. c) area. d) direction.
On the global grid, the prime meridian is at
a) 0 degrees longitude b) 0 degrees latitude c) 90 degrees longitude d) 90 degrees latitude
The study of the atmosphere.
a) Meteorology b) Astronomy c) Geology d) Oceanography
True or False: Globes can be used to accurately find directions to a specific location on Earth.
a) False b) True c) d)
Contains the crust, mantle, and core of the Earth.
a) Geosphere b) Hydrosphere c) Biosphere d) Atmosphere
True or False: Longitude is always measured in degrees east or west of the equator.
a) False b) True c) d)
After a new pesticide was testing and found to help kill bugs, it can now be used to help kill bugs on crops. This is an example of a(n)
a) Application b) Observation c) Experiment d) Conclusion
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