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Phototropism is the way a plant grows in response to what external stimuli?
a) light b) water c) touch d) gravity
Water enters plants through the _______.
a) surface of leaves b) roots c) tips of the stem d) stomata
Respiration is the process in which organisms break down food to release ________.
a) energy b) sugar c) oxygen d) nutrients
Photosynthesis is the process in which plants use energy from light to produce ________.
a) food b) new cells c) organelles d) roots
The development of a seed into a new plant, begins when water is absorbed into the seed.
a) pollination b) germination c) fertilization d) carbonation
Most of the oxygen in our atmosphere is a result of __________.
a) photosynthesis b) thigmotropism c) respiration d) gravitropism
The major function of leaves is to ________.
a) make food b) store food c) transport d) absorb nutrients
Stems have all of these functions EXCEPT ______.
a) store food and water b) absorb soil nutrients c) moving materials from roots to leaves d) support the plant
Roots have all of the following functions EXCEPT to ______.
a) store food b) make food c) absorb water d) anchor the plant
The most common type of plants on Earth is ______.
a) angiosperms b) nonvascular plants c) gymnosperms d) seedless vascular plants
Of the following, which is NOT an example of a seed plant?
a) peanuts b) peat moss c) oranges d) wheat
What do nonvascular plants not have?
a) chlorophyll b) spores c) cell walls d) roots
The first plants to grow in new environments are usually _______.
a) ferns b) liverworts and mosses c) flowers d) grasses
Nonvascular plants include ______.
a) ferns and horsetails b) liverworts and ferns c) horsetails and mosses d) mosses and liverworts
Of the following, which is NOT a characteristic of plants?
a) have cell walls b) range in height c) have roots d) live only on land
Of the following which is NOT a vascular plant?
a) fern b) moss c) pine tree d) rose
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