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Very loving or loyal
a) devoted b) convenient c) stifling d) displayed
To make or become nervous and upset
a) displayed b) humiliated c) flustered d) relish
Allowing you to do something easily or without trouble
a) accomplice b) relish c) humiliated d) convenient
Very hot or stuffy almost to the point of being suffocating
a) stifling b) displayed c) devoted d) flustered
To make someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect.
a) relish b) humiliated c) accomplice d) displayed
To present or hold up to view
a) displayed b) relish c) convenient d) stifling
Something that lends pleasure or zest
a) displayed b) flustered c) relish d) accomplice
An associate in wrongdoing, especially one who aids or abets another in a criminal act
a) accomplice b) humiliated c) stifling d) flustered
Martin Luther King, Jr. _________________ himself to fighting for equal rights for all people.
a) relish b) displayed c) stifling d) devoted
His ____________ in the crime was immediately arrested while he got away.
a) flustered b) relish c) accomplice d) humiliated
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