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Latin America countries generally have what type of educational system?
a) very good b) poor c) lots of colleges d) excellent
Countries in Latin America that have high literacy rates have a __________ standard of living.
a) high b) low c) bad d) progressing
Which is NOT something the governments of Latin America need to spend more money to improve education?
a) schools b) technology c) teachers d) farming
Brazil was conquered by Portugal. What language does Brazil speak?
a) Spanish b) English c) Portuguese d) French
Most of Latin America speak what language?
a) Spanish b) Portuguese c) English d) French
Brazil and Mexico both have what type of government?
a) Communism b) Federal Republic c) Unitary Democracay d) Confederation of States
Which of the following Latin American countries is a communist state?
a) Venezuela b) Mexico c) Brazil d) Cuba
Which Latin America country doe not allow citizens the freedom of speech?
a) Venezuela b) Cuba c) Mexico d) Brazil
Which two countries have a president that is elected by the people?
a) Cuba an Brazil b) Mexico and Cuba c) Brazil and Mexico d) Cuba and Venezuela
An ethnic group that is a mixture of European and Indian ancestry is referred to as what?
a) Mestizo b) Aztec c) Mulatto d) Inca
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