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Anything that has mass and makes up space
a) mass b) energy c) volume d) matter
Which of the following is an example of matter
a) air b) mass c) heat d) energy
The smallest particle of the substance that contains the characteristics of that substance
a) molecule b) atom c) particle d) substance
Substances that contain only one type of atom
a) elements b) compounds c) electrons d) protons
Have a positive electrical charge
a) protons b) electrons c) neutrons d) atoms
The central nucleus is made of
a) electrons and neutrons b) electrons c) protons and neutrons d) protons and electrons
How many electrons can an atom hold in its second shell
a) 2 b) 8 c) 18 d) 32
What represents protons in the periodic table
a) atomic mass b) atomic number c) symbol d) name
An electrically charged particle formed when an atoms gains or loses one or more of its electron
a) ion b) compound c) isotope d) proton
Substances that contain two or more elements
a) elements b) isotopes c) ions d) compound
Bond formed when two atoms share electrons
a) covalent bond b) molecular bond c) ionic bond d) element bonding
Splitting the atom
a) radiation b) fusion c) fission d) nuclei
Which one is NOT a characteristic of an ionic compound?
a) electrical conductivity b) strong odor c) high melting point d) crystal shape
Do not have a definite shape but do have a definite volume
a) solid b) liquids c) gas d) plasma
Part of an experiment that remains constant
a) Obseration b) Data c) Variable d) Control
An example of a chemical change
a) burning something b) melting point c) boiling point d) crumpling a sheet of paper
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