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Autoimmune diseases
a) Can influence all body systems b) Is one's own immune system attacking itself c) Can be genetic d) All of the above are true
Bringing your arm down after completing a jumping jack
a) ABduction b) ADuction c) Flexion d) Extension
The study of diseases
a) Kinesiology b) Histology c) Epidemiology d) Biology
Refers to the back
a) Ventral b) Superior c) Inferior d) Dorsal
Which is supported by the Catholic Church?
a) Totipotent b) Multipotent c) Pluripotent d) None are supported
Which of the following is correct about multipotent stem cells:
a) Are limited b) The zygote c) Can become any type of stem cell d) In vitro fertilization
What is being described: Typically controlled by negative feedback loops, balance in the body, associated with blood pH andoxygen levels.
a) Energy b) Body organization c) Entropy d) Homeostasis
Which of the following is associated with postive feedback loops?
a) Asscociated with labor b) Encourages change c) Not common d) All of the above
a) Is when osteoblasts outnumber ostoclasts b) Is more common in males c) Is random d) Is when osteoclasts outnumber osteoblasts
a) Provide for muscle attachment b) Help with blood formation c) Offer support d) All of the above are true
Protection, insulation, energy source and found in the cell membrane are all functions of
a) Amino acids b) Carbohydrates c) Lipids d) Enzymes
The patella is an example of a
a) Rock b) Sesamoid bone c) Irregular bone d) Long bone
Freely moveable joints are called:
a) Synarthroses b) Diarthroses c) Amphiarthroses d) Arthroses
The ends of long bones are:
a) Epiphysis b) Diaphysis c) Medullary cavity d) Endosteum
The heel of your foot is also called:
a) The navicular b) The cuboid c) The talus d) The calcaneus
Located in the cell membrane, contributes the most to fluidity of the structure
a) Phospholipids b) Glycoproteins c) Cholesterol d) Cytoskeleton
Which molecule is a monosaccharide?
a) Sucrose b) Galactose c) Ribose d) Maltose
Monosacchrides are joined together to create disaccharides through:
a) Dehydration synthesis b) Diffusion c) Hydrolysis d) Osmosis
Defend against disease, transport oxygen, speed up reactions, and communicate with cells are all jobs of:
a) Lipids b) Proteins c) Carbohydrates d) Glycerol
The sequence of amino acids in proteins is the:
a) Primary structure b) Secondary structure c) Tertiary structure d) Quarternary structure
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