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The construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams and other structures is called
a) development b) agriculture c) mining d) erosion
Precipitation that is more acidic than normal becuase of air pollution is called
a) smog b) acid rain c) ozone d) emissions
Which indoor air pollutant is colorless, odorless gas that forms when wood, coal ,oil or gas are incompletely burned?
a) ozone b) smog c) radon d) carbon monoxide
What is the thick, brownish haze formed when certain gases react in sunlight
a) photochemical smog b) acid rain c) carbon monoxide d) radon
Which of the following is a way to reduce disease in a community?
a) installing catalytic converters b) finding CFC substitutes c) realeasing more heated water from factories and power plants d) treating sewage before returning it to the environment
The devices used in cars and trucks to reduce carbon monoixde emissions are called
a) mufflers b) catalytic converters c) scrubbers d) substitutes
Most water pollution is the result of
a) human activities b) volcanic eruptions c) storms d) drought
Water moves continually between atmosphere and Earth's surface in the process called
a) water pollution b) global warming c) the water cycle d) the nitrogen cycle
Most of Earth's water (about 97%) is
a) fresh water in lakes and rivers b) salt water in the oceans c) in the form of snow or ice d) in the clouds
The process of reclaiming products such as metal, glass, paper and plastic and reusing them to create new products is called
a) incineration b) composting c) mining d) recycling
The process of helping the natural decomposition process break down waste is called
a) incineration b) recycling c) composting d) sewage
A full landfill is covered to keep out rainwater. This step is taken to
a) protect biodegradable materials b) prevent the formation of leachate c) help with recycling d) prevent desertification
What is the major role of technology in controlling air pollution
a) reducing emissions b) removing CFC's from the atmosphere c) banning the use of pollutants d) cleaning up oil spills
Many uses of land, including logging mining and farming, expose the soil, which can lead to
a) erosion b) nutrient depletion c) development d) crop rotation
Farmers use crop rotation to reduce
a) strip cropping b) nutrient depletion c) desertification d) erosion
Using land to grow food crops is an example of
a) agriculture b) desertification c) development d) mining
To create less waste in the first place is to
a) reduce b) reuse c) recycle d) incinerate
You should not use a charcoal grill indoors because
a) burning produces carbon monoxide b) burning charcoal produces acid rain c) burning charcoal causes erosion d) burning charcoal causes nutrient depletion
The ozone layer protects people from which of the following
a) too much ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) b) carbon monoxide poisoning c) the effects of radon d) allergies
One group of gases that is responsible for destroying ozone in the ozone layer is
a) CFC's b) car exhaust fumes c) acid rain d) oxygen
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