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What is considered the "master gland" of the human body?
a) Thyroid b) Pituitary c) Adrenal d) Pancreas
The hormone FSH stimulates the development of a female follicle. As the follicle develops, it secretes estrogen which decreases the secretion of FSH. This mechanism is an example of...
a) negative feedback. b) positive tropism. c) in vitro fertilization. d) cell differentiation.
What do we call the chemicals released by a neuron at the synapse?
a) hormones b) electro-stimulators c) carcinogens d) neurotransmitters
Which disease involves an inflammation (due to viruses or bacteria) of the coverings surrounding the brain and spinal cord?
a) cerebral palsy b) Parkinson's disease c) meningitis d) leukemia
Which of the following is NOT a part of the central nervous system (CNS)?
a) femoral nerve b) spinal cord c) cerebrum d) medulla oblongata
Reflexes are automatic and very rapid responses because they get processed in the...
a) cerebrum. b) cerebellum. c) medulla oblongata. d) spinal cord.
Which muscle type is involuntary and surrounds the internal organs like the stomach, esophagus, etc.?
a) skeletal b) smooth c) cardiac d) pulmonary
What is the site of blood cell production?
a) pancreas b) marrow of long bones c) liver d) heart
Which connective tissue joins bones to muscle?
a) tendons b) ligaments c) cartilage d) bursae
True or False: Bone, skin, and blood are all examples of living tissues.
a) True b) False c) False d) False
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