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The runner took 2.5 hours to run the race. If the distance of the race was 30 km, at what average speed did she run?
a) 12 km/h b) 15 km/h c) 75 km/h d) 90 km/h
What is the average speed of a car that travels 112 km in 4 hours?
a) 448 km/h b) 30 km/h c) 108 km/h d) 28 km/h
A car travels 112 km in 4 hours. How far will it go if it maintains its speed for 7 hours?
a) 784 km b) 196 km c) 28 km d) 82 km
What is the SI unit for for distance?
a) centimeter b) kilometer c) meter d) miles
Meters per second is the SI unit for what?
a) speed b) position c) motion d) velocity
Kilometers would be used to measure which of the following?
a) length of a piece of paper b) length of a bus c) length of the distance between school and the mall d) length of the hallway at school
When looking at a position-time graph, a steep line would tell you what about the object's motion?
a) the object is speeding up and slowing down b) the object is not moving c) the object is moving slow d) the object is moving fast
A horizontal line on a position-time graph would show what about the object's speed?
a) the object is going fast b) the object is not moving c) the object is going slow d) the object's speed keeps changing
You can use the slope of the line on a position-time graph to figure out what?
a) mileage b) velocity c) speed d) acceleration
Changing acceleration means a change in...
a) velocity b) speed c) direction d) all of the above
Acceleration means any change in...
a) velocity b) speed c) times d) distance
The formula to figure out speed is...
a) speed times time b) distance divided by speed c) distance divided by time d) time divided by distance
Distance divided by speed is the formula for figuring what?
a) distance b) time c) speed d) velocity
When watching a car drive by, which of the following could be a frame of reference?
a) a dog chasing the car b) a kid riding in the back seat of the car c) a street light along side the road d) another car driving the opposite direction
A change in position is called what?
a) distance b) position c) vector d) motion
What is the average speed of a person that walks 96 meters in 12 seconds?
a) 8 m/s b) 84 m/s c) .125 m/s d) 10 m/s
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