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sex cells
a) gametes b) genes c) buds d) homologues
a process of cell division that involves two rounds of cell division and that is specific to sex cells in which four daughter cells are formed
a) Meiosis b) Mitosis c) gametes d) budding
Cells that DO have DNA in their nucleus.
a) prokaryotic b) eukaryotic c) buds d) Gametes
Cells that do NOT have DNA in the nucleus
a) prokaryotic b) eukaryotic c) buds d) Gametes
Body cells (like nerve cells or blood cells)
a) somatic cells b) gametes c) genes d) buds
Structures within the cell that are made of DNA and genes
a) chromosomes b) acids c) buds d) homologues
these are the 2 cells that come from the division of a cell
a) daughter cells b) somatic cells c) gametes d) genes
reproduction that requires only one parent
a) asexual reproduction b) somatic cells c) sexual Reproduction d) chromosome
Life stars out as a single __________
a) cell b) daughter cell c) gametes d) gene
Cell division where 2 identical cells are formed, which are called daughter cells
a) Mitosis b) Meiosis c) Asexual Reproduction d) budding
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