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To arrive at a conclusion based on facts or evidence
a) infer b) assertive c) collaborate d) content
Having or showing a confident and forceful personality
a) assertive b) infer c) exuberant d) joyous
Having or showing great life, activity, and energy
a) infer b) content c) vibrant d) content
Full of happiness and joy
a) content b) joyous c) infer d) assertive
Being in a state of peaceful happiness
a) content b) collaborate c) vibrant d) joyous
To work jointly on an activity to produce or create something
a) exuberant b) content c) infer d) collaborate
Filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement
a) content b) exuberant c) vibrant d) assertive
Since I have worked hard this semester, I am ______ with my English grade.
a) exuberant b) content c) joyous d) assertive
I have learned how to __________ with others in order to achieve a great grade!
a) collaborate b) infer c) exuberant d) assertive
I have learned to look for context clues to help me __________ the defintion of an unfamiliar word.
a) collaborate b) assertive c) infer d) exuberant
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