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Charles Lindberg was the first person to:
a) fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. b) swim the English Channel. c) scuba dive in the Gulf of Mexico. d) drive from the east coast to the west coast.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was a _________ who wrote about the attitude and values of the 1920's.
a) novelist b) playwright c) editorial columnist d) magazine editor
Rudolph Valentino acted in ______________.
a) silent films b) Broadway musicals c) Vaudeville routines d) circus performances
Al Capone was a ____________ and was blamed for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
a) mobster b) pilot c) suffragette d) novelist
Who was the famous evagelist that held meetings in the southern United States?
a) Bob Jones b) Rudolph Valentino c) Jack Dempsey d) Moe Smith
Books and pictures about African Americans were collected by ______________.
a) Arthur Schomburg b) Charles Lindberg c) Warren G. Harding d) Bob Jones
Izzy Einstein and __________ were New York policemen who tried to close speakeasies.
a) Moe Smith b) Arthur Schomburg c) Babe Ruth d) Bob Jones
The baseball player that was the sports figure fans wanted to see hit a home run was _______________.
a) Babe Ruth b) Charles Lindberg c) Jack Demsey d) Gertrude Ederle
Who were leaders of the women's suffrage movement?
a) Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony b) Warren G. Harding and Herbert Hoover c) Izzy Epstein and Moe Smith d) Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
Which president was elected in 1920 by promoting a 'return to normalcy'?
a) Warren G. Harding b) Arthur Schomburg c) Calvin Coolidge d) Herbert Hoover
The assembly line and interchangeable parts made which of the following true:
a) products were faster and cheaper to manufacture b) products could not easily be repaired c) products were more expensive d) products were rarer
In the 1920's, the automobile affected Americans in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
a) creating the need for more businesses b) causing people to spend more money c) helping to boost the economy because people could travel more frequently and easier d) providing inexpensive family entertainment
In the 1920's, the radio affected American by:
a) making people feel closer even though they were miles apart b) causing people to spend more money c) making people feel like they were rich d) causing people to buy things they couldn't really afford on credit
Why did the young people of the 1920's call themselves 'the lost generation?'
a) because of the many lives lost in WW1 b) because they wanted to reflect the attitudes of the decade c) because they wanted to protest the amendments d) because they were driving and road maps were not readily available
The time in history when stock prices were higher than any other time is known as:
a) Big Bull Market b) bear market c) bull market d) Stock Market Crash
The movement in which African Americans began to preserve their culture is known as:
a) Harlem Renaissance b) Middle Ages c) Cultural Revival d) Preservationism
Where did Lindburgh land when he reached the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Paris b) New York c) London d) Rome
Charles Lindbergh's famous airplane was known as
a) The Spirit of St. Louis b) The Heart of Luxemborg c) The Mind of Paris d) The Passion of New York
Places where alcohol was illegally sold during the 1920's were known as:
a) speakeasies b) suffrage c) Prohibition dens d) petitons
A style of music that became popular in the 1920's:
a) jazz b) pop c) rock-n-roll d) classical
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