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During the first phase of Hitler's blitzkrieg, the ________, or German airforce, attacked ground targets from the air
a) panzar b) anschluss c) luftwaffe d) goudan
WWII officially started when Germany invaded
a) Poland b) Belgium c) Czechoslovakia d) the Rhineland
Kamikaze were
a) Japanese submarines b) Japanese pilots c) Japanese airplanes d) Japanese tanks
In the spring of 1940, British troops successfully retreated across the English Channel. This became known as the miracle at __________.
a) Dunkirk b) the Marne c) the Bulge d) Verdun
What stopped the German during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941?
a) harsh winter weather b) advanced Soviet weaponry c) Allied reinforcements from the Ottoman Empire d) marshy land near Moscow
On which city was the first atomic bomb dropped?
a) Hiroshima b) Nagasaki c) Saporro d) Kyushu
Which of the following was the site of a major Soviet victory over German troops during WWII?
a) Vichy b) Leningrad c) Stalingrad d) Tannenberg
Hitler's lightning war tactics became known as
a) anschluss b) auschwitz c) blitzkrieg d) litnig
NAZI secret police were called the
a) black shirts b) gestapo c) KGB d) gulags
Which of the following allowed the U.S. President to aid American allies before entering WWII?
a) the Munich Pact b) the Lend-Lease Act c) The Kelogg Agreement d) The Versailles Treaty
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