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Battle that stopped the South from invading Washington, DC; gave Lincoln the opportunity to issue the Emancipation Proclamation
a) Antietam b) Chickamauga c) Gettysburg d) Atlanta
Executive order issued by Lincoln that freed slaves in the South and invited them to join the Union Army:
a) Union blockade b) Gettysburg Address c) Emancipation Proclamation d)
Part of the Union strategy; stopped the South from trading with Europe and caused shortages and inflation
a) King Cotton Diplomacy b) Union Blockade c) d)
Bloodiest battle of the war; turning point of the war; site of Lincoln's most famous speech
a) Antietam b) Gettysburg c) Chickamauga d) Atlanta
Confederate POW camp in SW Georgia; many died due to extreme overcrowding
a) Andersonville b) Chickamauga c) Elmira d)
What was the purpose of Sherman's March to the Sea
a) to capture the arsenal in Atlanta b) to free slaves c) to destroy resources, especially railroads, and Confederate supplies d)
This battle was a Confederate victory in NW Georgia which allowed the South to hold on to the nearby rail center in Chattanooga
a) Antietam b) Gettysburg c) Chickamauga d) Atlanta
Atlanta was the most important military target in Georgia because
a) it was the capital b) it was an industrial and transportation center c) it was the largest city d)
Who won the Civil War?
a) North b) South c) d)
Which was NOT a cause of the Civil War?
a) Slavery b) States' Rights c) Economic Differences d) Freedmen's Bureau
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