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Which word means to ban or forbid something
a) prohibit b) previously c) midst d) repeal
The word with a meaning of something helpful and useful
a) advantages b) contrary c) objected d) benefit
The meaning of this word is something only meant to serve for a short time
a) rebellious b) temporary c) prohibit d) benefit
This word means acting against the authorities
a) previously b) midst c) rebellious d) repeal
If you express an opinion against something
a) temporary b) objected c) repeal d) previously
To formally cancel something is to
a) repeal b) prohibit c) benefit d) midst
The meaning of this word is to be in the middle of something
a) contrary b) advantages c) midst d) temporary
This word means skills or situations that favor you
a) objected b) contrary c) rebellious d) advantages
Something that goes before something else is the meaning of which word
a) repeal b) midst c) previously d) prohibit
The meaning of this word is to go against the majority, to be stubborn
a) contrary b) repeal c) advantages d) temporary
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