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Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary made up the ___________ before WWI.
a) Triple Alliance b) Quadruple Alliance c) Triple Entente d) Axis Pact
At the turn of the twentieth century, Germans were proud of their new empire's military power and industrial leadership as a result of
a) imperialism b) nationalism c) alliances d) mercantalism
Which Allied leader wanted to weaken Germany at the Paris Peace Conference so that it could never again threaten France?
a) Clemenceau b) Orlando c) George d) Wilson
Germany's hopes for a quick victory on the Western front ended at the
a) first Battle of the Marne b) Battle of Verdun c) Battle of the Coral Sea d) Battle of Tannenberg
How was fighting on the Western front different than that on the Eastern in WWI?
a) casualties were lower on the Eastern front b) Russian armies were better equipped with modern technolgy than countries in the West c) trench warfare was less widespread on the Eastern front d) results of battles were more decisive on the Western front
Russia entered WWI because it wanted to defend its slavic neighbor and ally,
a) Serbia b) Yugoslovia c) Turkey d) Bosnia
Payments for war damage are called
a) indulgences b) quotas c) reparations d) propaganda
The channeling of all a nation's resources into the war effort is known as
a) total war b) plebiscite c) totalitarianism d) militarism
The list of terms issued by Woodrow Wilson to end WWI and keep world peace were called the
a) Munich Agreement b) Fourteen Points c) League of Nations d) Comintern
The spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause is known as
a) militarism b) propaganda c) nationalism d) mercantalism
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