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By which process does water leave the ocean and enter the atmosphere?
a) melting b) condensation c) precipitation d) evaporation
What is the primary cause of weather?
a) crustal plate movements b) Earth's rotation c) gravitational pull of the moon d) energy from the sun
The boundary between two air masses is called
a) fault b) front c) tides d) high pressure area
As an air mass from Canada moves across NYS the temperatures in the state usually
a) decrease b) increase c) remain the same d)
Which weather variable can be determined by using a psychrometer?
a) barometric pressure b) cloud cover c) relativity humidity d) wind speed
Which weather variable can be determined by using a barometer?
a) air pressure b) cloud cover c) humidity d) wind speed
Under which atmosphere conditions will water most likely evaporate at the fastest rate?
a) hot, humid and calm b) hot dry and windy c) cold humid and windy d) cold dry and calm
Which type of map shows elevation?
a) mercator b) robinson c) gnomonic d) topographic
Over the past 50 years the world wide consumption of energy to meet human needs has
a) decreased b) increased c) remained the sames d)
Water vapor enters the atmosphere from the ocean by process of
a) condensation b) insulation c) precipitation d) evaporation
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