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15 x 1/6 =
a) 15 b) 12 c) 3 1/2 d) 2 1/2
5/8 x 8/9 = Write product in simplest form.
a) 1 4/5 b) 45/64 c) 40/72 d) 5/9
10 divided by 1/6
a) 60 b) 16 c) 1 2/3 d) 3/5
6 3/4 divided by 2 1/4
a) 3 1/4 b) 3 c) 9/4 d) 4/9
Renee spent 1/8 of the day landscaping around the house. She spent 1/2 of that time pulling weeds. What fraction of the day did Renee spend pulling weeds?
a) 3/8 b) 1/4 c) 5/8 d) 1/16
Natasha spent 1/4 of a day cleaning the kitchen. She spent 1/3 of that time washing dishes. What fraction of the day did she spend washing dishes?
a) 3/4 b) 1/12 c) 4/3 d) 12/1
What is the reciprocal of 6 3/5 ?
a) 14/5 b) 9/5 c) 33/5 d) 30/5
Rick has 1/2 of a footlong sub sandwich left from yesterday. He ate 1/3 of the leftover sandwich as a snack. What fraction of the entire sandwich did he eat as a snack?
a) 3/2 b) 1/6 c) 6/3 d) 2/6
Katie used 1/2 of her beads to make a necklace. She used 2/5 of the remaining beads to make a bracelet. What fraction of the total beads did she use to make a bracelet?
a) 1/5 b) 5/4 c) 4/5 d) 5/1
Juanita spent 3/4 of her allowance at the mall. Of the money spent at the mall, 1/2 was spent on new earphones. What part of her allowance did Juanita spend on earphones?
a) 6/4 b) 2/3 c) 3/8 d) 1/2
Mr. Lash has 42 pounds of dog food to divde among his dogs. If each dog receives 7/8 pound of food for feeding, how many times can Mr. Lash feed his animals?
a) 49/8 times b) 7/336 times c) 36 3/4 times d) 48 times
Mrs. Mills has 3/5 of a pizza left after lunch. She wants to divide the leftover pizza into 8 equal servings. What fraction of the original pard does each serving represent?
a) 24/5 b) 3/40 c) 5/24 d) 40/3
Toby bought 8/9 pound of mixed candy from the grocery store. He wants to divide the candy into 2/9 pound bags. How many bags can Toby make?
a) 2 bags b) 6 bags c) 3 bags d) 4 bags
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