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a nutrient that is part of many living and nonliving things on Earth.
a) carbon b) nutrient c) cycle d) matter
living things that eat OTHER living things for food.
a) producers b) decomposers c) consumers d) primary
substances that living things need to survive and grow.
a) ecosystem b) nutrients c) populations d) reproduce
an environment and everything that lives in it.
a) ecosystem b) individual c) species d) energy
a group of similar living things that can reproduce.
a) matter b) atoms c) endangered species d) species
a nutrient, symbol C, that helps living things grow
a) carbon b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) bacteria
foods made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms.
a) cycle b) release c) carbon d) sugars
living things made of just one cell.
a) nitrogen b) bacteria c) oxygen d) sugars
living things that make their own food.
a) decomposers b) oxygen c) producers d) species
living things that break down dead material for food.
a) nutrients b) decomposers c) species d) bacteria
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