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I wanted to skydive with my friends, but my ____ kept me from doing it also.
a) inhibition b) placard c) ilk d) nominal
My grandmother gave me a _____ amount even though I had washed clothes, cleaned dishes, and vacuumed all the rooms.
a) prestigious b) integral c) nominal d) fortuitous
Even though finding $20 on the sidewalk was _______, I still used the money and bought lunch.
a) diatribe b) fortuitous c) integral d) incoherent
When my mom found out I didn't study, she went into a _____ about how I need to be more responsible and mature.
a) diatribe b) incoherent c) remuneration d) nominal
The business man won the _______ award for donating $1 million to a charity.
a) nominal b) placard c) ilk d) prestigious
My fiancee surprised me when she said she wanted fancy clothes, jewlerey, cars and other expensive gifts of that ___.
a) ilk b) incoherent c) remuneration d) diatribe
The police made sure to staple several Wanted _____ to the side of streetlights.
a) nominals b) integrals c) prestigious d) placards
The Wanted poster said there was a $10,000 ______ for any information on the criminal.
a) remuneration b) integral c) inhibition d) incoherent
I tried to hear what Mr. Baker said on the announcements, but the noise made it sound ____.
a) diatribe b) fortuitous c) incoherent d) nominal
MLK, Jr. believed that non-violence was _______ to equality.
a) integral b) prestigious c) diatribe d) placard
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