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The three selves include, who we are, who we think we are and
a) who others think we are b) who we want to be c) who people we care about think we are d) who we show to others
We attribute other's behavior as determined and part of their personality but our own as
a) situational b) depends on our moods c) as the same d) attributed
We are more likely to help someone if
a) we are not in a hurry b) our parents taught us this is right c) we are christian d) we feel like it
You will more than likely marry
a) someone who is like you b) someone who likes you c) someone your parents like d) someone you do not like
A mental concept is a
a) schema b) hierarchy c) idea d) thought
In which statement is loved used correctly?
a) all of these are correct b) I love Cesc Fabregas! c) I freakin' love cheese! d) I love psychology!
We obey because
a) those in authority have the power to reward or punish b) it is the right thing to do c) actually we don't obey d) we want to
Studying the influence others have on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors is
a) social psychology b) abnormal psychology c) sociology d) psychology
Who developed the famous line experiments on conformity
a) Asch b) Freud c) Zimbardo d) Milgram
Who performed experiments on obedience using painful shocks for wrong answers?
a) Milgram b) Asch c) Freud d) Skinner
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