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a) injuries b) cargo c) skids d) announcer
wild places; region with few or no people living in it
a) delays b) damage c) wilderness d) cargo
person who introduces programs, reads news, and so on
a) announcer b) injuries c) obstacles d) overtakes
load of goods
a) obstacles b) cargo c) delays d) wilderness
periods of time when things are put off or held up
a) delays b) injuries c) obstacles d) overtakes
a) injuries b) announcer c) cargo d) obstacles
a) overtakes b) wilderness c) injuries d) cargo
catches up and moves ahead
a) cargo b) injuries c) overtakes d) skids
the type of story - for example Fiction, non fiction
a) fake b) genre c) article d) book
What type of Genre is The Iditarod Dream ?
a) Science Fiction b) Non Fiction c) Fable d) Narrative Non Fiction
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