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The particles in these solids are organized and orderly.
a) amorphous solids b) crystalline solids c) frozen solids d) metal solids
This type of matter has no definite shape and no definite volume
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
These have the ability to flow.
a) liquids and gases b) liquids and solids c) solids and gases d) solids and plasma
This is the amount of space something takes up.
a) area b) volume c) shape d) density
Sublimation is a ____________________change.
a) physical b) chemical c) metamorphic d) simple
Melting points, boiling points and freezing points are all _______________ properties of matter.
a) Physical b) chemical c) metamorphic d) complicated
The particles are moving fast enough to break any attraction between them.
a) solids b) liquids c) gas d) plasma
The particles appear to be packed closely together but there is some space between them and they are in constant motion.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
These particles move fast enough to break the attraction between them just enough so that they can change position with other particles.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
The particles in this state of matter only take up .1% of the total volume. The rest is 99.9% empty space.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Kinetic Molecular Theory tells us that it is the ________________of the particles that determines the state of matter.
a) motion b) mass c) volume d) density
The particles can change speed and direction, but because of the strong attraction between them, they are trapped in the same volume with the same particles around them.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
What is the resistance of a liquid to flowing called?
a) density b) volume c) viscosity d) surface tension
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