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The U.S. policy of attacking some islands and skipping others was called _______.
a) selective destruction b) island hopping c) Operation Overlord d) Kamikaze
What country did the Allies invade on D-Day?
a) France b) Germany c) Italy d) Japan
What did Germany do on May 7, 1945?
a) won the war b) Attacked England c) attacked the U.S. d) surrendered
Why didn’t U.S. President Truman want to invade Japan?
a) The U.S. was out of supplies b) Japan was surrounded by dangerous deserts c) Too many people would die d) Their planes were all destroyed
What did the U.S. do instead of invading Japan?
a) Dropped 1 atomic bomb b) Dropped 2 atomic bombs c) Surrendered d) used a carpet bombing technique
Who won World War II?
a) Germany and it allies b) America and its allies c) Japan and its allies d)
Which of these is one of the groups besides Jews that Hitler persecuted?
a) mentally and physically ill b) People of African descent c) homosexuals d) all of these
What was the name of the German businessman who saved 1100 Jews from the Nazis?
a) Mengele b) Schindler c) Spielberg d) Rommell
Which group of people did the U.S. government force to move to internment camps during WWII?
a) Japanese b) Italians c) French d) Germans
Which group of people was targeted for genocide by the Turks in 1915?
a) Greeks b) Irish c) Armenians d) Cambodians
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