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Nutrients in an ecosystem like carbon and oxygen are ____________.
a) destroyed b) created c) recycled d)
In photosynthesis hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide to create ____________.
a) sunlight b) sugar (glucose) c) vitamin C d)
Which organism below is not a consumer?
a) Algae b) Great White Shark c) Deer d) Fish
Which organism below is a decomposer?
a) Rabbit b) Mushroom c) Seaweed d) Beaver
Which of the animals below are omnivores?
a) Bears b) Sharks c) Rabbits d)
_________________ are needed for photosynthesis to occur.
a) sunlight and oxygen b) saltwater and oxygen c) Sunlight and carbon dioxide d) Salt water and Carbon dioxide
What is the pigment called in plants that help absorb sunlight?
a) Chlorofloro b) Chlorophyll c) Greenophyl d) Photophyll
When rabbits interact with foxes, the fox would be the ____________.
a) prey b) predator c) both d)
The first consumer in a food chain or food web is called the ____________ consumer
a) primary b) secondary c) tertiary d)
Which animals in an energy pyramid have the most energy?
a) top predator b) producers c) primary consumer d) secondary consumer
How much energy is lost in each level of an energy pyramid?
a) 6% b) 90% c) 12% d) 75%
According to the video we watched on predators which insect kills the most humans?
a) mosquito b) bee c) praying mantis d)
When a species looks, sounds, or acts like a more dangerous species they are using ______________.
a) warning coloration b) camouflage c) mimicry d)
If the number of prey in an ecosystem decrease, generally the number of predators will _________________.
a) increase b) decrease c) stay the same d)
Many animals use __________________ for protection from predators.
a) Hearing b) Sight c) Camouflage d)
The organism that hunts and feeds on another organism
a) predator b) prey c) predation d)
An animals role in an ecosystem is called its __________________
a) Habitat b) Niche c) Career d)
Cells release energy from food using the process of ___________________.
a) oxyrespiration b) photorespiration c) cellular respiration d)
What is the greatest source of energy for all ecosystems?
a) oxygen b) sunlight c) carbon monoxide d)
A group of organisms in an ecosystem of one type of species.
a) community b) population c) d)
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